Guinea Pig Cages – A Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best guinea pig cage that suits you and your pigs needs can be challenging! There are several options available, but finding something that covers all the essential bases at a good price requires some research – which is why I built this website. 🙂

On this website, I’ve reviewed many of the best cages around, as well as explaining all of the pros and cons associated with each of them. Hopefully, this will make it a little easier for you to pick the right age for you!

What’s The Best Guinea Pig Cage On The Market?

The best place to start is by taking a look at this comparison table I’ve made below – this gives you a quick “bird’s eye view” of the best models I’ve reviewed, and it’ll help you compare the features so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

PictureProductBest Suited ForPrice
Living World Deluxe Pet Habitat1 or 2 Pigs$$$$
Midwest Interactive Guinea Habitat Plus2 Pigs +$$
Super Pet Defined Guinea Pig Habitat1 pig$$$
Petco Bi-Level Small Animal Habitat1 or 2 Pigs$$$$
Kaytee Complete Guinea Pig Starter Kit1 pig$
Prevue Hendryx 425 Small Animal Cage1 or 2 pigs$$$$
Midwest Expandable Guinea Habitat1 or 2 pigs$

Types Of Guinea Pig Cage

There’s several many types of guinea pig cage around, but the biggest decision you need to make is size. The size of cage will depend on how many pigs you plan to keep, and obviously the more pigs you have, the more room you need! Of course, no cage is ever too big, as guinea pigs love to have space to run around and explore.

On this website, you’ll find recommendations for cages that are ideal for a single guinea pig, a couple, and even more!

How Much Space Do You Need?

It’s important to make sure you have enough floor space, because pigs just love to run around! What’s more, they aren’t adept at climbing, unlike other small animals, such as rats. This means you need to give them as much room as you can when it comes to floor space. A happy pig will often jump around and “popcorn”, so they need some space to do this!

Some cages come with two levels for your pig to explore, and while this can be a handy way of giving your G.P some extra room to play, it’s best to make the actual floor space a priority before you get too fancy with multiple levels.

What Should You Look For In A Guinea Pig Cage

If you’re going to be keeping guinea pigs in your home, then choosing a cage isn’t something you should take lightly. This will be the full-time home of your pig, so it makes sense to buy the best one you can afford. A pig with a nice home is going to be a happy pig after all!

With this in mind, here’s some crucial things to look for before you buy.

– Is it easy to clean? You’ll need to clean your guinea pig out once or twice a week, depending on how many you keep and how large the cage is, you may have to clean even more. Because of this, you want a cage that’s easy to access and easy to clean. This makes the task much quicker and less of a hassle.

Is it big enough? While a guinea pig cage can never be too big, they can certainly be too small! You need to make sure your pig has lots of room to run around in, and he’ll also appreciate the additional space for some toys or a nice guinea pig home for him to hide in (pigs love to have somewhere to hide so they can feel safe).

Reviews Of The Best 3 Guinea Pig Cages

“The best cage for 2 guinea pigs”

Living World Deluxe Pet Habitat, X-Large
List Price: $79.99
Price: $79.99
Price Disclaimer

Pigs love company, so it’s usually best to buy two to live together. With this in mind, you’ll need a cage that’s suitable for two – and the “Living World Deluxe Pet Habitat” is one of my favorites. It’s an extra large cage that gives both pigs plenty of room to explore, and it also has useful hiding compartments so they can run away and hide whenever they like!

Additionally, it has a plastic base and a clip off wire cage, which makes it very easy to clean. You simply pop the clips off, and the top slides off with ease. Finally, it’ very reasonably priced, given it’s constructed so well, and even comes with a nice balcony for your pigs to enjoy!

“The best cage for one guinea pig”

Kaytee Habitat Defined Guinea Pig Habitat
List Price: $99.99
Price: $99.99
Price Disclaimer

This funky looking cage comes with a stand and wheels, making it convenient and portable whenever you need it to be. It’s also a little smaller than some of the larger models, which means ti can be used for keeping a single guinea pig, and he should be very happy with the amount of space it provides.

The cage is very easy to access, with a large door on the front and a lid that opens very wide. This makes it easy to clean, and also makes it easy to get your guinea pig out when you want to give him some special attention!

“The best for multiple guinea pigs – 2 or more!”

Guinea Habitat Plus Guinea Habitat Plus
List Price: $89.99
Price: $39.52
You Save: $50.47
Price Disclaimer

This is a very large cage, and it’s also easy to customize. In fact, it’s possible to buy two of these and connect them together to make a huge piggie mansion! It’s easy to expand and access this cage, and it also comes with a useful divider panel – which comes in very handy – you can clean one side of the cage and contain the pigs in the other side, or you can even set up a play area one side, and a caring area the other side – the choice is yours! This makes it a great option for breeders or people who have lots of guinea pigs to look after.

Anyway, if you have any questions about guinea pig cages, please feel free to contact me via the “contact” page above, and I’ll be more than happy to share some of my experience with you.